Just For You Therapies also offers treatments in the work place

'A healthier workforce is generally a happier and more productive one'

Staff who sit for long periods of time generally suffer from complaints such as:

  • Stiff necks
  • Sore, knotted shoulders
  • Lower back pain.

Through regular massage I can help to relieve these symptoms, helping your employees to relax and become more focused in the work place.

I can offer a treatment which involves a 15 minute back and neck massage. Prior to the first treatment I conduct a brief consultation to discuss any existing conditions. I have all of my own equipment including a portable massage couch all I would need is a private area such a meeting room or staff room to carry out the treatment.

The cost of each individual massage is £12.00 per person. Plus a visiting charge dependant on the area.

I understand that this is an additional cost to your business however you should see advantages to your business such as an improved absence record along with your staff feeling cared for and valued by you and your company.

"We have been using Jamie to undertake 15 minute massages for all members of staff on a monthly basis for around 4 years. The result has been a drop in sickness & stress levels. As our jobs are computer based a regular massage helps prevent backache plus shoulder & neck strain for poor posture. It also provides a benefit which staff enjoy as the take up is extremely high. We have reviewed costs a number of times over the past four years, in these challenging times, but the regular massage is something we have never considered stopping."
Chris Harris-Deans @ Charles Stanley Exeter

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